dear reader,

welcome to my vision, capturing moments i most enjoy. my name is raphi, living in a rural town south from barcelona’s coast line, sitges. a place with a soul and thank god, still remains in its traditional form; must admit, i’m very privileged.

i am an amateur photographer, however, i like to freeze in time those unforgettable moments. most of those are found in nature, or simply, those day to day moments that are given no value. the Ocean, that is one of my principal themes, the place were i go find comfort and the need to disconnect through surfing.

my life aspirations are currently all over the place – i know what i love, and sorta know what i’m good at, but haven’t decided how to put those things together. whilst dropping that thought, i merely try to live today and thus focus on what really drives me and gives me a smile at the end of the day. therefore i’m currently enjoying this life and discovering its beauty, as well as trying to give back what i receive from it, of course.

as, ultimately i am showcasing my photography, you should know that every shot i take and publish is kept in its natural state, thus, unedited nor photoshopped. the reason to this is because i believe, nowadays the magic and moment of the picture is vanished by the amount of editing,  practically transforming it to something it never was or shall never be, but is perhaps more eye catching to social media and the demanding world we live in… and therefore i like to stick to what photography really is, capturing a certain moment, radiating a certain feeling, and not converting it into something other than what it really is.

peace kids.